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Anja Pesola Oy is a wholesaler and manufacturer of curtain rails and curtain accessories located in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to Finland we deliver products to various parts of Europe.

The company was founded in 1957 by our grandfather Jorma Pesola M.Sc.  together with his wife Anja. Our grandfather started manufacturing different plastic parts for furniture manufacturers and car industry. He also developed first curtain hooks in Finland. Some of these parts he invented he also patented.

In the middle of the 80's the second generation of Pesola-family moved the direction of the company towards interior design industry while keeping the old products alive.

In the beginning of 2011 the ownership of Anja Pesola Oy  passed to the third generation Taru and Sarlotta.  We still manufacture curtain hooks and other plastic parts ourselves and use partly the same molds as the company's founder Jorma Pesola, used in his time.  We also produce some of our aluminium profiles with our own tools here in Finland.

We come to the rescue when our client needs individual and professional skills, design assistance in the selection of curtain rails and curtain poles and in the design of the installation method in challenging locations. We supply curtain rails sawn to size, fully equipped and bent if necessary. If motor is needed we can supply curtain tracks with Somfy-motors. 

We also supply all the parts of curtain rails and poles as well as all the professional products needed to sew curtains that last. 

Over the decades we have delivered our products to numerous hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, cruise ships and private homes.

If you have any questions about installing the curtains, we are happy to help.

Our products
  • aluminium curtain tracks and accessories
  • motor operated curtain tracks - with Somfy motors
  • aluminium panel tracks
  • picture hanging systems
  • roman blind systems
  • guiding rods for curtains
  • iron curtain poles - Rowena series
  • brass curtain poles
  • stainless steel curtain poles
  • wooden curtain poles
  • curtain hooks 
  • curtain tapes
  • curtain tiebacks and tassels
  • wave-gliders
  • wave curtain tapes
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